Towards its 75th anniversary, UDHR is a beacon on rare diseases

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a miracle text,” said Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. “When the world emerged from cataclysmic events, the Declaration established universal rights and recognized the equal worth of every person.”

It was only in 2019 that the UN Human Rights Council recognized the need for access to quality, safe, effective, and affordable medicines for treating communicable and non-communicable diseases, including rare diseases.

On December 16, 2021, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution entitled “Addressing the challenges of people living with a rare disease and their families.”

The UDHR 75 campaign will raise global awareness of the UDHR by showing how the Declaration has guided the work of the Office. It will then promote the universality of human rights and empower everyone, especially young people, to uphold human rights.

Since the adoption of the UDHR in 1948, human rights have been more guaranteed and recognized worldwide, including improvements in the rights of women, children, and youth, indigenous peoples to guard and maintain their lands and culture, and the abolition of the death penalty in many countries.

But the UDHR’s promise of dignity and equal rights is under attack. The world faces a climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating conflicts, economic instability, misinformation, racial injustice, and global setbacks in women’s rights. People are frustrated and have lost confidence at what is being seen as inaction and irrelevance by governments and institutions in protecting human rights. Young people feel they need to be heard or are unaware of the existence of the Declaration.

“Even as the 30 articles of the Declaration have sparked a transformation in every area of ​​our lives, the embers of racism, misogyny, inequality, and hatred continue to threaten our world,” said Türk. “The language and spirit of the Declaration have the potential to overcome division and polarization. It can make peace with nature, our planet, and point the way to sustainable development for future generations.”

What are human rights anyway?

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