Talkin’ about a Revolution – Tracy Chapman

While not as successful as “Fast Car” (the first single from Tracy Chapman’s debut album), “Talkin’ About a Revolution” has endured. The song focuses on poverty with lines like: “While they’re standing in welfare lines/Crying at the door of the salvation armies/Wasting time in unemployment lines/Sitting around waiting for a revolution”.

Music is one of the most potent means of expression, and the best artists can channel more than personal pain and struggle into their music. Whether it’s a protest about a specific war, a universal call for peace, a response to racism, or a celebratory shout of victory, every Saturday, we’ll bring you songs that tell human rights stories.

In 2011, the song played frequently in Tunisia during the Tunisian Revolution, motivated by injustices such as high unemployment, corruption and food inflation. The longtime president ended up being removed and the country democratized. “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution” was also played before the speeches at Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign rallies.

Source: Human Rights Careers

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